Sunday 20 November 2022

Sadhana Divas and School Foundation Day

Today the 19th November, 2022, Saturday, VKV, Tumpreng observed the School Foundation Day and the birth anniversary of Ma. Eknathji Ranade which is also known as Sadhana Divas with all solemnity.
The observation was conducted in two parts, one in the Morning Assembly where floral tribute, song, speech etc. were there. One of the teachers of the vidyalaya spoke on the importance of both the occasions as well as the importance of Eknathji and his ideas in our day to day life.
The second part was conducted for teachers after the students departure. Kendra Varga was kept in that part and the topic of discussion was the letter given by Ma. Nivedita Didi.
The total number of participants in the first part was 
265 and in the second part was 18.

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