Sunday 12 February 2023

Vidyarambha Ceremony, Marti-Pitri Pooja And Utsarga Samarah


Vidyarambha Ceremony, Marti-Pitri Pooja And UtsargaSamarah

Date: 11th February,2023(Saturday)

                Today ,the 11th of Febraury, 2023 our school celebrated Vidyarambha ceremony, Matri-Pitri Pooja and Utsarga nSamaroh. Firstly a short program of Vidyarambha has been observed to welcome the new comers students performing the rituals ofthe Vidyalaya containing the flowers offering process and seeking the bless from the portrait of Goddess Saraswati with the flows of Aum kar writing with rice grains on the plate by students .Secondly Marti-Pitri Pooja and UtsargaSamarah has been organised for the outgoing calss X students as a symbol of farewell for them all the parents were invited to witness and perform the Matri-Pitri pooja with the purpose of delivering their blessings to the child to pursue better future . All the teachers along with the Principal ran the events smoothly in the Vidyalaya. Altogether 65 people including teachers, students and parents were present.

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